SOULCARE II is a 6 week class designed to train, equip, and empower you in facilitating guided prayer. Guided prayer consists of one trained individual leading a person desirous of healing in a conversation with the Lord to release unforgiveness, reveal lies they may be believing about God and about self, cut off the lies, and receive truth; ultimately receiving healing in wounded areas of our minds and hearts. The Holy Spirit loves restoring our souls by revealing the heart of God!

We will be building upon the Sozo Basic Training class through Dare 2 Believe Ministries (which comes out of Bethel in Redding, CA) as well as practicing with each other the skills taught.


Healthy homes is one of the greatest commitments Grove has. The goal of SOULCARE II is to train up a number of leaders for the Guided Prayer Team at Grove, beginning Fall 2018.


SOULCARE II applicants must meet all of the following basic requirements:

  • Be a Grove Member
  • Have attended SOULCARE I
  • Be actively engaged in the Grove Community
  • Be actively practicing self-deliverance prayer (as taught in SOULCARE I)


  1. Attend & actively participate in all 6 SOULCARE II sessions with Jenny Gullickson
  2. Complete the required reading: Spirit Soul Body by Andrew Wommack
  3. Attend Basic Sozo Training Session

    Location: Dare 2 Believe (Burnsville, MN)
    Dates: Saturday, April 21
    Time: 9a-5p
    Cost: $40
    Click HERE for more information
  4. Register for a Personal SOZO Session

    Location: Dare 2 Believe (Burnsville, MN)
    Dates: We recommend doing this before/during SOULCARE II
    Cost: Suggested Donation of $75
  5. Sign up to sit in on at least 10 SOZO Sessions (Free) at Dare 2 Believe before being approved to be on the Guided Prayer Team at Grove in Fall 2018.

OTHER Information

SOULCARE II classes will take place at...

Location: Elmwood
Dates: Mondays, April 2, 9, 23 / May 7, 14, 21
Time: 6p-9p

Spirit Soul Body by Andrew Wommack (book): $8
Basic SOZO Training: $40
Personal SOZO Session: Suggested Donation of $75

Total: $183


To be considered for SOULCARE II, please fill out the application below.

Name *
Note: We recommend applicants be over the age of 25.
Note: Basic requirements are listed in the SOULCARE II information section of this page.
Note: It is not guaranteed that all SOULCARE II members will be approved to facilitate guided prayer for the Grove Community. Approval will be based on a variety of observations made during the 6 week training.