Grove Prints are monthly information cards that highlight upcoming classes, events, and announcements. Prints also include a "frameable" piece of artwork! These pieces of art change each month and are sourced directly from creatives within our church community. Part functional, part beautiful, Grove Prints are a unique outlet for creatives to respond to the ways God is moving in them through the very talents He has given them!

Artwork Side


Artboard 1grove_prints_dimensions.jpg

1. Create SOMETHING!

2. Make sure your piece adheres to OUR PRINT requirements:

  • Artwork must fit on a 5x7 postcard

  • High quality file (PDF, EPS, AI, or TIFF preferred)

  • Outline any fonts used (if applicable)

  • Non-digital artwork must be scanned not photographed.

  • Any graphics, images, fonts, etc. that are not original works must have appropriate licenses/permissions for use.

3. email us at media@grovecommunitychurch.com with your artwork attached.

  • Please include a brief message detailing what inspired your piece and how you would like to be credited (i.e. name, website, business name).

  • Note: By submitting artwork, you are giving Grove permission to use or not use your artwork for the purpose of Grove Prints at Grove's sole discretion.


Q: Does submitting my artwork automatically mean it will get selected?

A: Not quite. Grove may select artwork for a print based upon any number of reasons like how it connects to current or past sermon series, the colors or imagery the piece features, or the particular ways God is speaking about/through it.

Q: What happens to my artwork if it isn't used right away?

A: We hang on to it! Just because a piece isn't selected right away doesn't mean it might not get selected in the future.

Q: I've just created a non-digital piece of art (i.e. a painting, calligraphy, sketch, etc.). can I still submit it?

A: Absolutely! Scan it, make sure it adheres to our print requirements above, and you should be good to go.

Q: Do I still own my artwork when I submit it to Grove Prints?

A: Yes, of course. When you submit your artwork, you are simply giving Grove permission to use it (at Grove's sole discretion) for potential use in an upcoming Grove Print. If we'd like to use your artwork for something else, we'll contact you and get your permission for that particular use.

Q: Will I receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, if my artwork is used?

A: No. This is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity. 

Still have questions?

Email media@grovecommunitychurch.com