What is a Grove Community?

A Grove Community is a group of believers that gathers on a regular basis to encourage each other in advancing the Kingdom of God in their everyday spheres. A GC has regular rhythms of looking towards God, looking towards each other & looking out to the world around them. The expression of a GC varies from community to community, and takes on the personality of its people. However, each GC will celebrate testimonies, connect deeply around God, the Bible, culture & influence, and challenge one another to engage in mission and the things of God.

What is the purpose of a GC?

To facilitate dynamic community relationships that inspire each person to fall more in love with Jesus & reveal His love to their everyday spheres of influence.

What is the structure of a GC?

Each GC will have 3 elements:
CELEBRATE: this is the time in the night we celebrate God-stories, seed stories, breakthrough testimonies, & eachother.
CONVERSATION: this is the “meat & potatoes” portion of connecting around a subject, studying the Bible, practicing a spiritual exercise together, and caring for one another in prayer.
CHALLENGE: when we gather, we challenge one another into healthy lifestyles, unto reaching our everyday spheres of influence with the love of Jesus .

Can I check out any GC or do I have to receive a personal invitation?

You are invited to check out any of our Grove Communities!

How do I find the address for an GC?

Great question! There are three easy ways to connect:
Relationship: connect with someone who goes to a GC and join them for an evening to see if it’s a good fit for you.
Connection: talk to a leader on a Sunday night and get the info you need to attend their GC.
Inquire: via the website or app, you can reach out and get the info needed for the GC of your choice.

Is a GC a Small Group?

Yes, in the sense that it is a small group of people gathering! However, typically speaking, Small Groups tend to be more inward focused, and Grove Communities are all about going out & advancing the Kingdom in our everyday spheres of influence. So, while you will be sharing testimonies, worshiping, praying, studying the word etc. our sincere hope is that your involvement in Grove Communities will inspire you to live on mission in your everyday life.

Is a GC an Outreach Team?

No, however, your Grove Community may choose to go on an outreach of some sort to stretch and activate boldness in the group towards their own personal influence or their greater common influence.

Is a GC a service?

No! Think “circles”, not, “stages”. Think, “conversation”, not, “teaching”. That is what Sunday services are for! This is everyone’s opportunity to share, listen & go deeper together.

How often do GC’s meet?

Grove Communities meet twice a month. It is up to each GC Leader to determine if they want to meet more often.

How long does a GC last?

We do our best to keep GC’s to 2 hours or under.

Are children welcome at GC’s?

Many of our Grove Communities are open to children! Inquire with each leader to determine if that particular GC is a good fit for your children.

How should I choose which GC to join?

However you’d like! If you are relationally connected already, go where your friends are! If you are new to Grove, choose based on the time & location that are most accessible to you & go from there! Our hope is that you would check out a few GC’s to see what they are all about, and find the best fit for you!

Can I join more than one GC?

We strongly encourage everyone to visit different Grove Communities to find which one is the best fit for them, and then to commit to just one GC. This allows for you to go deep with a specific group of people & you will be able to receive & pour out in a greater measure.

Do I have to commit to going to a specific GC every time they gather?

Commitment is one of the greatest ways to cultivate depth with a group of people. We strongly encourage you to choose a Grove Community & dive in by making this a priority in your schedule. Attendance is by no means “mandatory” but is strongly encouraged!

Can I lead my own GC?

If you are interested in leading a Grove Community, please talk with Pastors Josh or Katie for more information!

Can my GC serve the role as “church” in my life?

No. Grove Community leaders are not pastors & GC’s are not churches. We strongly encourage everyone to be engaging in the broader community of Grove as they attend GC’s.

Is our GC required to have a “common influence” that we are all on together?

No. We believe that one of the most effective spaces for mission is our own personal spheres of influence. We must each be responsible with our own spheres before trying to bring influence in new spheres. However, certain Grove Communities will be lead by the Holy Spirit to jump on having a common influence together, and that is AMAZING! There is tremendous fruit in this!