What would it look like for children to grow up with a healthy understanding of who they are and Whose they are? What if they believed that loving people looked like healing the sick, prophesying the heart of God, and demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit? What if we believed the truth that God didn’t say that children have to WAIT to grow up to change the world?

What if we believed that God says our children are powerful today?

Clothed in these truths, we can only imagine what the global Church would look like and how its influence would grow exponentially in how we impact the world around us! There is a new breed of believers being raised up. They will stand on our shoulders and go farther than we have ever gone before.

We’re raising up a Kingdom generation!


Grove Kids is so much more than "childcare!” We believe in equipping children with keys and tools at each developmental stage through mediums and language that empower them to know their true identity as Children of God and to live powerfully as Everyday Believers.

Each week at Grove Kids, your child will encounter God through “Kingdom Key Elements” that are based on their classroom level:


INFANTS : 3 months - 18 months (or walking)     

A space designed to sing over babies the love of Jesus and declare the power of their destiny through prayer, song, and play.

Kingdom Keys: Declaration + Worship


WALKERS : 18 months - 2 years

A room designed for toddlers who are mastering the art of walking to experience Jesus through declaration, song, and creative story.

Kingdom Keys: Declaration + Worship + Story


TWOs : 2 Year Olds

A classroom designed for two-year-olds to encounter the Lord with fresh language and sensory activities that highlight God’s heart for them through creativity.

Kingdom Keys: Declaration + Worship + Story + Art


THREES + FOURS  : 3 Years - 4 YEARS

A space designed for threes and fours to grow in the knowledge of who God says they are through language and creative activities that empower a new developmental phase.

Kingdom Keys: Declaration + Worship + Story + Art + Honor


K-PREP + K : Pre-Kindergarten + Kindergarten

A classroom designed for K-Prep and kindergarten students to tap into new growth and development as they learn to dive deep into the Word through hands-on activities and visual teaching.

Kingdom Keys: Declaration + Worship + Story + Art + Honor + Prayer


1 - 5  : 1ST - 5th Grade

An integrative classroom designed for elementary students to see the Bible come to life, practice hearing the voice of God, and know the love of God through creativity, discipleship, storytelling, and community.

Kingdom Keys: Declaration + Worship + Story + Art + Honor + Prayer + Community



The call to raise up a Kingdom generation begins with our “yes!” If you are interested in more information on how to serve on a Grove Kids Team, CLICK HERE! 


Does Grove have a crying babies/nursing mom’s room?

YES! Our Parent-Child room is located in the back of the sanctuary with audio from the service available. You’ll find an area for nursing moms as well as a designated section for dads or moms to sit with their child!


What does the Check-In process look like at Grove Kids?

Grove Kids check-in opens 15 minutes before service on Sundays (Grove Kids is currently offered at the 4PM + 6PM service)! We’ve created a Family Entrance at the building’s south doors for your convenience. Here you will find electronic check-in stations to print name tags that include your child’s important information (name, contact number, food allergies). This is also the place for first time guests to check-in and get any questions answered from our Children’s Director, Abby!

We’ll then point you to one of our classrooms where a few of our incredible Grove Kids Team members will take things from there! (Hint: Grove Kids Team Members have bright blue t-shirts on; you can’t miss them!)


What about children older than 5th grade? Is there a program for them?

Yes! Check out what's happening with Youth HERE!

On Sundays, youth enrolled in 6th grade and up are invited to join their parents in service. We believe there’s something powerful to be gained by joining the whole body for worship and teaching. 


How many teachers + volunteers are in my child’s classroom?

Our hope is to not only meet legal and safety standards when it comes to classroom ratios, but to bless our children with a high number of safe adults who can steward their hearts and engage with them in relationship as they grow. Each classroom has Grove Kids expected ratios based on the age/developmental stage and developed goals for the room.

*All Teachers/Volunteers undergo background checks.



YES! We do two child dedications a year: one in the fall and one in the spring! If you are interested in being a part of our next child dedication, sign up HERE! 



Abby Voigt is a graduate of the University of Northwestern - St. Paul where she studied Ministry and Psychology. Currently the Children’s Ministry Director at Grove, she is passionate about seeing people of all ages and stages of life empowered and equipped to live everyday life that reflects the heart of the Father. Abby loves to speak, teach, and write about “Raising a Kingdom Generation” of children who walk in Kingdom power and identity today!