What does Grove believe about evangelism and international missions?

We believe that everyday believers are called to sow seeds of the gospel in the every context they find themselves in! We always filter our evangelism through the love and humility of Jesus. Internationally, we reject any notion of nationalism or pride that would lead us to go in an attitude of superiority. We go to bless and be blessed by the global family of God.

When does registration open/close for trips?

Registration opens 6 months before the trip launch date. Registration will be open for 6 weeks.

When will trip members and leaders be announced?

Teams will be announced two weeks after registration closes (approximately 4 months prior to trip launch date).


Trip leaders act as the primary, on-the-ground contact point for the in-country hosts. Leaders will provide spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance to the team during the trip and will help facilitate the pre-trip meetings. Trip leaders are NOT expected to plan the events or logistics of the trip in any way and will be supported throughout the process by Grove staff .

Can I apply to more than one trip?

If you are open to joining multiple trips during the same registration period, you can simply make a note on the application listing your openness and stating your preferred trip.

Are the dates AND COSTS listed flexible?

The dates and costs listed are locked in with the host location. Though we will do everything in our power to use those exact numbers, variables such as flight availability and unforeseen safety concerns may shift things slightly. Trip members will be notified ASAP if changes occur. Please note that, if your application is accepted, there will be $500 deposit required to secure your place on the team.

What happens if I’m not able to go on the trip that I was accepted for?

Grove will consider your application as a commitment of both your time and resources towards the specified trip. However, in the event that unforeseen circumstances come up, we simply ask for as much notice as possible to fill your place with a new team member. Any expenses incurred on your behalf will be non-refundable.

What time commitments are required outside of the trip itself?

Pre-trip preparation meetings will be mandatory for all team members. A minimum of 4 pre-trip meetings will take place leading up to the trip launch. Trip leaders will have an additional equipping meeting with our Global team. All Global pre-trip meetings will be on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

What is being covered in pre-trip preparation?

Cultural training/coaching, basic evangelism training, intentional prayer and worship, and team building.

I have questions regarding the culture or safety of a location - what will Grove provide in terms of information and details on locations?

While we hope to give as much information as possible during the pre-trip training, we highly recommend individual research be done before and after the application process! We’d ask that questions to our Global department regarding location-specific details be limited to high-priority situations that could not be found through online research.

How does Grove approach financial giving for international trips?

We like to encourage individuals to contribute towards or fully cover the cost of their own short-term trip as it establishes an even greater level of ownership and intentionality during the trip prep and outreach. However, we also appreciate and believe in the value of financial partnership in certain situations! We will be teaching more about stewardship and generosity as it pertains to trips in future trainings.

Will Grove facilitate a way for people to sponsor me financially on this trip?

If there are individuals who wish to sponsor you on a trip, they can make checks out to Grove Community Church and write “Global Trip” and YOUR NAME. Online donations can be made by selecting “Global Trip Payments” and then selecting your name from a drop-down.

Does Grove offer sponsorships for individuals to go on and/or lead trips?

The Global department has a limited amount of financial resources allocated towards trip sponsorships. These funds are reserved for individuals as a last resort, not a primary form of fundraising. Questions regarding sponsorships can be sent to Each application will be reviewed with an objective and prayerful process.