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The Cardboard Social


The Cardboard Social exists to bring people together on a weeknight to enjoy some joyful competition over board games & cards. A fun opportunity to meet new faces & say hello to the ones you may already know. Come & get your game on.

Location: Downtown Minneapolis

Community Demographic: All (no children please!)
Meeting Times: 7:00pm Mondays (Monthly)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leaders: Lachlan and Maggie Kelley

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The Kitchen Table


The Kitchen Table Community seeks to bring people together through cooking and gathering around the table for intentional conversation. The heart of this community is to experience the craft of cooking together and investing in each other through purposeful conversation.

Location: North Metro

Community Demographic: All (no children over 1 yr old please!)
Meeting Times: Evening Saturdays (Monthly)
Commitment: Consistent Attendance Encouraged
Leaders: Libby Burton and Noelle Hill


Living Loved


Living Loved is a morning gathering for ladies to connect while learning more about embracing our true identity in Jesus. Each gathering will include time to catch up, pray and discuss a teaching. We will base our discussion time on teachings (TBD) by Connie Witter (Author of "Living Loved Living Free”). The teachings will be available to listen to online. If you are available Wednesday mornings, join us for some authentic friendship and a regular reminder of how amazingly loved you are!

Location: New Brighton

Community Demographic: Women (children welcome)
Meeting Times: 9:30-11:00am Wednesdays (2x Per Month)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leaders: Kara Cook,


Dinner Around the World


This group is meant to engage with what God is doing through our Global Department! Once a month, we will gather together to share an authentically inspired meal from the culture of one of the countries Grove is partnering with, learn more about the country and pray for the trip and team. We will take turns hosting the night, preparing the food and leading the discussion and prayer time!

Location: Various Host Homes

Community Demographic: All
Meeting Times: 7:00pm Saturdays (Monthly)
Commitment: Consistent attendance encouraged
Leader(s): Kareese Holt


Brave Love Community

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The Brave Love Community exists to empower everyday women! We are going to dive in by asking ourselves “What does my heart burn for?” and “Why?” Our goal is to have these questions activate our hearts into an intentional lifestyle by taking hold of the powerful and extravagant love of Jesus.

Location: Saint Anthony

Community Demographic: Women Only, College, Post College
Meeting Times: 7:00pm Mondays (Bi-weekly)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Anna Jacobs


Men Hungry for More


This community will be focused around developing further intimacy with the Lord while continuing to grow existing relationships with young men in the church. Every other Tuesday, we will take time to read the Bible, explore related scriptures and declare those truths over each other. It’s never too late to join!

Location: Richfield

Community Demographic: Men in their 20s
Meeting Times: 7:00pm Tuesdays (2x Per Month)
Commitment: Consistent attendance encouraged
Leader(s): Mark Hannasch


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