Below you can find an exciting list of community activities IDEAS that encourage taking risks, growth in god, intimacy with each other. 

Prayer Updates

Updates on how God is moving in lives that the community is praying for.

Seed Testimonies

Spend time sharing stories about how you sowed a seed of the Good News of Jesus in everyday life with someone who hasn’t surrendered their lives to Jesus.

 Communion Context

BEFORE EATING TOGETHER AT THE START OF THE NIGHT: as a leader share the simple gospel in 2 minutes, “as we eat tonight, we are celebrating communion; as we are breaking bread with each other it is a reminder of the covenant that God made with us… etc. Tonight we eat this spaghetti as a community in remembrance of the the Gospel…”

Breakthrough/Faith stories

Healings, miracles, dreams about community or influence, encounters about community or influence, etc.

Hot Seat

Pray over one person (that the Holy Spirit is highlighting) as a community for 5-7 minutes at the end of the night.


Dialogue and brainstorm a list of prophetic declarations that are true for everyone on the planet (but not detailed for a specific person). Example: “I really sense that Jesus is going to encounter you in a really special way in the next year, and he just wants you to know that he loves you.”"God is seeing all of the stuff that is going on in your heart that no one else sees, and he wants you to know that he is not afraid of the questions that you have.


Like prayer, worship is a conversation with God. At Grove we don’t do sing-alongs. We wildly worship without self-focus and the fear of man!

PRAY Scripture

Have the community get into groups of 2 and encourage each group to pray the same passage over each other (leader selects which verse/passage to be prayed).

Relating Game

The group receives a card with a mock bio of a person (including birthdate, belief system, life circumstance, hobby, hometown, current address, profession, and family system). The group is tasked with the job of connecting people in the group with the person on the card. The group accomplishes this with information that they know about one another. Example: Let’s say the name of the person on the card is Angela and she is a single mom and she has a 11 year old girl. Someone from the community would dialogue around how they would connect Angela with Danielle Krayer because Danielle is a 4th grade teacher and connects with her daughters age group on a daily basis. Someone else might add that they would connect Angela with the Mom’s group at Grove and connect her to the mom that oversees the Grove mom’s texting group.

Practice Active Listening

Maintain a conversation with someone for 10 minutes by asking follow up questions. The Talker can’t ask the other person questions.(Active Listening Topic Examples (pick one for the ten minutes): What’s your family like, what have friendships been like for you, What injustices upset you themost, etc).

The Gospel in Everything

Pick an object in everyday life, or in the room, and share how that object reminds you about who God is, a story in the word, and how you would naturally use that object as a segway into sowing a seed of the kingdom.


Encourage your community to get in groups of 2-3 and pray over each other. Ask the Lord a Question: Example: “Father, what are you highlighting in this person’s life? Listen to Holy Spirit and the application of Conversation takeaways from the night. Practice RITA. 

20-2 Exercise

Each person get with a partner and describe the gospel in 20 seconds/ 2 minutes. Share as a group how it went and have the community reflect on when you know that it is the time in a conversation to share the simple gospel.

Through the storm

Facilitate the community sharing about difficult seasons or storms that they have walked through and what the Lord did in their hear through it.

Falling Airplane

Stand on a chair and preach the gospel in 30 seconds in front of the community. Culture of agreement huge with this and celebrate the bold that step out! (after each person clap and dialogue as a community around things that they loved about what the person did).

THE Best Thing Exercise

Break up into groups of 2-3 and practice sharing your testimony in a paragraph with the first sentence beginning with, “You know the best thing that ever happened to me was…”


Making up modern day parables that correlate with a scripture message or truth that the community has read together.

Back to back

Line up half of the group all facing one wall and then have the other half of the group line up behind a partner. Each person facing the wall then starts prophesying over the person standing behind them.

Hearing from God Activity

One of the most effective activities to show people how easy it is to hear from God.

  1. Everyone grab a piece of paper.

  2. “Lord, you know who is going to receive this piece of paper, what do you have to say about them today?”

  3. Write down everything that comes to mind… things that make no sense, incomplete thoughts & all

  4. Put the papers in a bowl

  5. Pass the bowl around & each person takes the piece with their name on it 

  6. Open it up for people to share testimonies of the words they received


An easy structure to follow when ministering to others.

  • Start a conversation

  • Ask questions

  • Listen to them and Holy Spirit

  • Tell a Story of God, or His story in your life that relates with the other person (in under 1 minute).

Supernaturally Natural

Practicing having a normal conversation and inserting the prophetic naturally, in an unspiritual way (but give credit to Jesus!). No “Christianese!”