IT'S like the aspen tree.

Spanned across the mountains are thousands of aspen trees.
From the exterior, they may look like a bunch of individual trees.
But the reality is that they are all one: Connected at the roots, WITH The same DNA.

Our desire is to see the very reason God created man to be made manifest throughout the earth—to see sons and daughters functioning in their God-given destiny. Like the Aspen, sons and daughters were always meant to be deeply rooted and connected, all sharing in common a new heart, the power of God, a new identity, and an innate, internal fire to bring the realities of Heaven to Earth. As believers, we thrive in and out of season when we experience community together. We thrive in the fire, and when we love one another, multiplication is a bi-product. 

And that's our vision.
One KINGDOM, multiple communities.