Voice and Expression


Calling all writers! In this group we will discover the power of our own stories through the outlet of creative writing and journaling. There will be a theme, discussion time and writing prompts and, of course, good food! This is for writers of any genre and skill level. The goal is to find the golden thread that God has woven in our lives and find a way to recognize and express that, first in ourselves, then in others.

Location: NE Minneapolis

Community Demographic: Married without Kids, Single, Post College, College, High School
Meeting Times: 7:00pm Saturdays (2x Per Month)
Commitment: Consistent attendance encouraged
Leader(s): Kareese Holt

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The Reclaimed Community is all about taking steps towards healing from divorce, infidelity, or marital separation. The "D-word" can bring shame and isolation but God is able and willing to extend healing to every area of your life. Whether reconciliation is an option in your marriage or you're working to reclaim your identity as a single person again, this group discusses the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of healing. There is hope in Jesus and you are not alone! 
January 29, February 26, March 26, April 30, May 21

Location: Twin Cities

Community Demographic: Women Only
Meeting Times: 6:30pm Tuesdays (Monthly)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Ellie Herringshaw

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Cross Country Skiing


Whether you've been skiing all your life or have never tried, come join the cross-country ski community for a great time being active out in God's beautiful nature! Will meet at Theo Wirth Chalet and ski rentals for a day are $20. Plan extra time for cocoa/cider or a meal afterwards.

Location: Theo Wirth Chalet

Community Demographic: All
Meeting Times: TBD Saturdays (Monthly)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Emily Halverson




The Sojourn Community is where faith, food, and fellowship meet. Our goal is to cultivate deep connections and grow in our relationships with Jesus and each other. We plan on having a potluck meal together each week and incorporating prayer, game nights, honor time, and being open to the Spirit’s leading. So come, be known, and sojourn with us!

Location: Twin Cities

Community Demographic: All
Meeting Times: 6:00pm Thursdays (2x Per Month)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Jacob and Maggie Lage

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This group is for creations and community! Come and bring your knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch and embroidery and connect with others and the Lord all the while making your creation! Whether you are a seasoned crafter or looking to learn, this community will come along side you to help you create and infuse the Lord into whatever you are creating!

Location: Roseville

Community Demographic: All
Meeting Times: 7:00pm Thursdays (2x Per Month)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Meaghan McMillen

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Medical Professionals


We’re a group of medical professionals learning what healing and sharing life looks like within this sphere ! Come to laugh & share stories as well as process through some of the big questions we face as medical professionals who carry the light of Christ- our Ultimate Healer! Also opportunity to possibly volunteer our time & talent outside of group together

Location: University of Northwestern

Community Demographic: Those in the medical industry
Meeting Times: 12:30pm Saturdays (Monthly)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Jackie Gartland

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Arden Hills Community


The Arden Hills community focuses on building family through abiding together in prayer, worship, sharing our stories, and dreaming with God for ourselves and one another.

Location: Arden Hills

Community Demographic: All
Meeting Times: 10:00am Saturdays (Monthly)
Commitment: Come when you can!
Leader(s): Ashley Abramson & Sam Raun


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